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Hydreatio-Rotreat offers the most efficient and effective Reverse Osmosis systems available since 30 years. Our patented one-click filter replacement feature, and the fact that our systems can be placed permanently or deployed in a 100% mobile-fashion, for immediate on-site response, makes them the go-to leader in Reverse Osmosis.
Hydretio-Voigtlaender features our exclusive Membrane Bio-Reaction and disinfection systems for water treatment. Combined with their durability, longevity and low operational costs, these systems are the best choice on the market today.

Hydreatio + Ravago

Ravago has over 9,000 employees, and sells over 6,800,000 metric tons of polymer annually, to more than 53,000 customers through 325+ locations across more than 65+ countries worldwide. Ravago’s production competence consists of 45+ manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Our partnership with them cements our firm global reach, allows us to offer their solutions as force multiplier for our solutions, opens up ever-expanding opportunities for our companies, and offers the chance to help even more people worldwide.
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